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Kiwi Parade Gloss delivers the ultimate shine for leather shoes. Made with natural waxes the Parade Gloss promotes a protective layer on the surface to defend against everyday wear and tear.
The Debe Kids Soft n Fresh Foam insole will keep your children’s feet comfortable and fresh. The top is made of cotton for a high absorption of foot moisture and the bottom is slightly scented...
Tarrago Half Fresh Striped Daily Insole
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Tarrago Daily Half Fresh Striped has a top coating with natural chlorophyll scent and a lower layer with an anti-skid latex to help ensure stability inside the shoe. Natural fragrance with pine essence. Perforated latex...
Debe Dry & Soft Plus Insole
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The Debe Dry & Soft Plus Foam Insole consists of two layers – the top layer is made of absorbent viscose whilst the bottom is two layers of soft anti-bacterial latex. The latex is perforated...
Tarrago Blue Kid Insole
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Hygienic and natural. Top-quality latex insole, perfect for children’s comfort. Treated and scented with a delicate and pleasant talcum essence. Covered with a kid-friendly patterned material.
Spiral Laces are an excellent option for young children who struggle with the art of tying laces. Also useful for triathletes or those in a hurry to change sports footwear between consecutive events. Available in...
These Flat 7mm wide laces are suitable for any type of shoe – sneaker, casual, canvas, etc.
Narrow Round Laces are suited to dress shoes.
Narrow Round Laces are suited to dress shoes.
Medium weight round Doc laces suitable for use in Dr Marten footwear and others.
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